The Nexus 5 Leaks Its Price

| October 18, 2013 More
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Google, when it comes to the Nexus 5, is a leaky, leaky ship, but this leak is even more official, and obvious, than most: They just put up the price on the Nexus 5 on their official store. Oh, you can’t buy it; the link was dead and was quickly removed. But now we know what it costs… so how does it compare to other smartphones?

The Price

The price is a surprisingly middle of the road $350 for a 16GB phone. Considering it was projected to cost between $300 and $400 in our roundup of what we know, that’s literally right in the middle. Presumably if you want more memory, you’ll have to pay in $100 steps, although it probably won’t go higher than 64GB, if that.

How Does It Compare?

Favorably. Here’s the thing about the Nexus 5, it’s cutting edge hardware Google is heavily subsidizing because it wants you

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