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Review: HTC Desire 60, Low Priced Smartphone with Ultimate Features

HTC, a Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer, never failed to impress the public even in the rapid growth of competition of smart phones in the market. They have always made a bang in the market with their flagships, thus giving them the reason of improving and developing another flagship brand, the Desire 601.

They say first impressions lasts but with HTC Desire 601, it could remain true is users just focus on the outer design of the device. Its shell is made out of rubberized polycarbonate, surrounding the 4.5 inch qHD display, stylishly molded to fit comfortable in one hand. The materials may not feel like how premium models are made, but it is made with good balance so it does not feel anything like a budgeted mobile phone. HTC made a nice addition to the device – volume keys, which makes it easier to adjust the noise that comes out of

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August 20, 2014 More