HTC One Mini (AT&T)

| September 1, 2013 More
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If today’s supersized smartphones are too much for you to handle, the HTC One Mini ($99.99) may be your salvation. It’s a smaller phone like the competing Moto X, but still plenty roomy and powerful for the price. The thing about this size phone is that it’s easy to use with a single hand. That matters to some people, like commuters holding on to a subway or bus pole, but not to others. Some issues with reception give us pause, but if the size speaks to you, the One Mini is a smart buy at a shrewd price.

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Design, Screen, and Connectivity
The One Mini measures 5.19 by 2.48 by 0.36 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.5 ounces. It’s even easier to hold than the Moto X, since it’s almost a tenth of an inch thinner. The HTC

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