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Since the invasion of DUAL SIM mobile, I was always fascinated by them as I needed one number for my girl friend and one number for my usual use. But I didn’t take the plunge as I wanted a reliable brand. Symbian and Nokia were above all for me till the death of Symbian! After this, I looked for alternatives but couldn’t find any reliable ones as Android had just started to burst, iPhone was like selling my bike and other brands didn’t gave me peace of mind. The day Nokia unveiled the Nokia C1-00 Dual SIM, I started my journey with this feature and was happy with the basic functions, but needed something from the smartphone side as I missed the features that I had used badly. So after spending and researching a lot, I had settled for Samsung Galaxy ACE DUOS, but God listened to my Prayers and I got to know about HTC releasing something I had wished for so long. Not that Samsung was a bad phone, but this one, Desire V, had things that I thought of as a dream mobile! The moment it was launched, I sold off my two-days old Samsung and I am still mesmerized with what I have bought. The long history I have provided is just to tell how magnificent and capable phone HTC has launched. It’s a bit high-priced, but it’s still worth it!


In the Box, you get the beauty with standard things like normal non-Beats headset, charger, manual and data cable cum charging cord. The 8GB card is to be given by the retailer separately as the retail box just instructs you to ask for your free 8GB card.


Build Quality Design

The moment it was unpacked in front of me by the Shopkeeper, I was in awe of it. I bought the black one and I was impressed to the core. I was still feeling that I was in dreams, but yes, this was reality and the design simply blew me away. Clean curved lines with rounded edges, a slightly raised chin, awesome looking screen and back panel with rubber coating for anti-slip and easy to hold grip. Please check the pics to see it in full Glory. 

The box

The box



The bad Part though is the back panel, which is flimsy and needs care to handle. The SIM card slots are near the camera module and in between, you have the memory card slot, making it a very simple and elegant design. Very user friendly, I must admit. On the top is the Power/Lock Button + 3.5 mm jack, on the left, microusb slot and on the right is the  volume control. The power button is too slim and takes some time to get used too. Below the beaultiful 4-inch screen, you will find three capacitive buttons which are a joy to use.



The display is pretty good with nice viewing angles and even under direct sunlight, the screen is visible perfectly well. The multi touch 4-inch display has 16M colors with 233ppi and is a pleasure to look at.

What's in the box

What’s in the box




The 1650 mAh battery is good for 1.5 days and if sparingly used, then up to 2.5 days. Heavy usage would still give you one full day. For me, it’s above average as I am still in awe of Motorola Razr MAXX 3300 mAH, which is like the benchmark for me! I am connected to my Google accounts services 24×7 and the same goes for my Facebook account. Phone calls for 1 hour thorughout, lots of text messaging, occasional web browsing, 1 hour of Beats Audio Bliss and rare Shots from the Camera are the other regular things I do on my cellphone.

Dual SIM Slots

Dual SIM Slots



Music FM Radio

This part is very essential to me and believe me, with Beats Audio, you would keep on listening to your favorite songs! With or without Beats Audio, this is an excellent device to listen to songs and be amazed by the super sound quality. Sadly, there’s no equaliser and you just have the option of turning the sound enchancer On and Off. but, the loudness, clarity, bass etc is excellent. FM Radio with RDS also works good, but reception is just average.


Web Browsing

On the 4-inch 480 x 800 screen, browsing web with flash is simply fluid. The 512MB RAM would show up lags for flash heavy Pages, but overall, the standard web browser would keep you satisfied. Zooming and text are flawless and pretty sharp. You get all the option to tweak, but I have seen that Opera Mini is exceptionally smooth, so maybe future firmwares may address the default web browser sluggishness once a while. And yeah, it supports Adobe Flash 11 and not lite.

Dual SIM Features

Dual SIM Features



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