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Samsung Launches $200 Guaranteed Total Trade-in Program for Galaxy Note 4

Starting tomorrow through October 17, which is the official launch date for the Galaxy Note 4, anyone who pre-orders Samsung’s latest device through any carrier or retailer is eligible for a guaranteed $200 total trade-in value on almost any working smartphone.

The process to receive your cash, which is listed on a new launch page from Samsung, looks somewhat difficult, but should not be over the heads of anyone who has ever filled out a mail-in rebate. It is essentially the same thing. 

Here is how it works. First, you will need to pre-order the Note 4 between 9/19 and 10/16 through any carrier or retailer. Following that, Samsung simply states “trade in any working smartphone.” Then, on October 10, head back to Samsung’s promo site to submit your purchase and trade-in information. At that time, you will also provide your name, mailing address, and date of birth. Continuing, you will

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