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Review: living with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When it first came out, we wondered whether the Note was a fabulous phablet or phoney phone? In that review, we noted “The whopping Samsung Galaxy Note dwarves the otherwise-large, 4.7-inch HTC Sensation XL.”

How times change.

At the time, the first Note was a significantly-different, large alternative to the world-conquering Galaxy S II which was felt by many to be the first Android smartphone that was better than the iPhone. It also, arguably, helped launch Samsung into the brand stratosphere and made its products more desirable than Sony – which was a big thing at the time.

But again there is change.

The subsequent, flagship Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 phones have got progressively worse and resemble an annoying platform that’s been overburdened with gimmicky, half-baked features and apps that don’t work very well together if at all. Meanwhile the Note series has been evolving steadily over time to the

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