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HTC will launch new `hero` device in October

HTC revealed that it will announce a new ‘hero’ device in October. CEO Cher Wang made the announcement during HTC’s annual general meeting.

It’s unknown what this device will be. HTC hopes that it will help improve the company’s smartphone segment, according to the Taipei Times. The ‘hero’ tag means it’s likely to be a fairly high-end device.

However, it’s unlikely to be a new flagship smartphone. Wang said that the company will make significant improvements in innovation and design for its 2016 flagship.

So, in other words, expect a fairly impressive handset later this year and a much improved HTC 10 sometime next year.

Wang also revealed that the days of Robert Downey Jr. gracing our screens in a series of bizarre ads are over. His contract will not be renewed after this year.

June 13, 2015 More