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Unofficial ROM brings Sense 3.5 to the HTC Hero

You may remember the HTC Hero back from 2009, the device has a 3.2″ 320 X 480 pixel display with a 528Mhz Arm processor and came with the now ancient Android cupcake V1.5 OS. The device is pretty old by today’s standard but if you still have one of these and want the new and improved Sense 3.5 UI, you can get that now thanks to HTC’s upcoming budget smartphone, the HTC Explorer/Pico and the ever awesome android development community.

The rumored HTC Explorer comes with a similar 3.2″ display, 600Mhz ARM processor accompanied by 384MB of RAM and Sense 3.5. Due to the similarity in hardware configuration between the two devices, XDA Forums member flashinglights (part of Team Heroc) has started a project to port the Pico’s Sense 3.5 UI to the HTC Hero. You can

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January 21, 2015 More