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Could This New Technology Disrupt GoPro’s Growth Story?

Shares of GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO  ) have plunged over 20% since October 7, following reports that mounting the action camera on a helmet possibly caused skier Michael Schumacher’s brain injuries after his skiing accident last year. Unfortunately, the PR fallout from that report isn’t GoPro’s only problem.

Source: GoPro.

In addition to rising competition from cheaper action cameras with similar specs, GoPro faces a new group of 360-degree cameras that could disrupt the company’s business of wide-angle ones. Kodak (NYSE: KODK  ) , VSN Mobil, and VOXX International (NASDAQ: VOXX  ) all recently unveiled 360-degree cameras that are waterproof and compatible with GoPro’s mounts.

Kodak’s Pixpro SP360 will be the first of

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