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HTC Desire 510 (Boost Mobile)

The HTC Desire 510 is the first Android smartphone¬†to ship with a 64-bit processor, but that doesn’t count for much when performance and other aspects of this budget-minded phone are so disappointing. At $99.99 (off contract), it’s one of Boost Mobile’s more affordable phones, but like its Sprint counterpart, the Desire 510 is easily outclassed by phones like the $149.99 Sharp Aquos Crystal. The Desire 510 is serviceable, but that $50 savings over the Crystal is hardly worth dealing with middling display quality and low internal storage.

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We’ve already reviewed the Desire 510 on Sprint, which is physically identical to the Boost Mobile model. Head over to the original review for a full rundown on design and features. For this review, we’ll focus on network performance and software differences.

Call Quality, Battery Life, and Software
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