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HTC Desire phones not that desirable anymore? Blame design

While smartphone manufacturers around the world are busy copying each other, Taiwanese company HTC has somehow managed to stay clear of all this fiasco. The company does stand firm with its head held high while rivals go on “borrowing” inspiration from each other as they work to build that one perfect smartphone that could perhaps rule them all.

While they are unabashedly at it, you wonder what HTC is doing. Well, one look at its recent smartphone launches (in the last one year or so) and you realize it has been busy copying itself. That may sound like harmless pander to many. After all don’t we all believe in “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”? The problem is that the company seems to be taking this saying far too seriously, in fact some may say it’s going overboard with it.

HTC undoubtedly produces some of the best-looking handsets. Good thing is,

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March 29, 2015 More