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HTC Desire 816 Getting the Android 5.0 Update in India Right Now!

HTC have announced that they are now in the process of rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for several of their devices, namely the Desire 816, Desire Eye, One and One Dual SIM. All devices are apparently already getting the update over the air in India, but of course, as with all Android updates, not all users may notice the update immediately – it might be necessary to wait a while before it appears in the phone’s menus.

The company has been actively updating their devices around the world, after they released Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Desire Eye and Desire 816 in the UK a month ago. The HTC One single SIM version started getting the update back in February as well, and all in all, HTC have been trying to keep as many of their devices in touch with the current trends as possible.

And it’s certainly great that they don’t want to let their users fall behind on Android updates, as the operating system has already been moving forward far beyond version 5.0, so companies like HTC have been lagging a bit when it comes to keeping their devices up to date. Of course, newer smartphones are getting much more attention in their update cycle, and that’s understandable, but sometimes the delay in introducing an Android update to an older handset can be quite long.

Meanwhile, the community hasn’t been idle, as people have been making sure that as many users as possible can get their hands on a newer Android version through the use of custom ROMs. These aren’t available for all devices, and are released periodically by the community for different handsets, but they do a great job at letting everyone stay in line with the current update trends and enjoy the benefits of the new Android version.

Of course, using a custom ROM to keep a device up to date is not a simple task and it’s a bit more complicated than installing the operating system in the standard way through the settings menu. Still, it’s a good option for those who are at least a little bit tech savvy and want to get the newest version of Android on their phones without waiting for an official update.

An update which, in some cases, may not even arrive at all. Users have been wondering about the HTC Desire 816, but there were plenty of indications that HTC are determined to keep this device up to date at least for the time being, but they can’t keep releasing the latest version of Android for all their phones forever.