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HTC Desire 820: First 64-bit Android Device Coming at IFA 2014

Apple really pulled a huge surprise last year when it announced the iPhone 5s. It launched the world’s first smartphone with a 64-bit processor. The likes of Qualcomm, Nvidia and Mediatek had no 64-bit chipset ready then, leading to a huge embarrassment for these companies. Even the 2014 Android flagships had to still make do with a 32-bit based CPU.

HTC Desire 820 teaser released

Fast forward to today, and we have 64-bit chipsets ready for use in smartphones from Qualcomm and Mediatek. We also now know the name of the first 64-bit Android smartphone: HTC Desire 820. Yep that’s right, HTC has officially confirmed its upcoming HTC Desire 820 will make use of a 64-bit based Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

HTC’s official teaser includes a list of firsts that HTC has brought to the table right from the year

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