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HTC Desire Eye review

Do you take at least as many smartphone pictures of yourself as you do of the rest of the world? Do you often find yourself complaining that your selfies just don’t look as good as your “someoneelsies?”

Are you in search of a phone that takes great selfies, doesn’t skimp (much) on specs, and is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in a puddle while snapping a photo of your Cronut during your morning commute?

Then HTC’s Desire Eye is undoubtedly the phone for you. Its dual 13-megapixel (front- and rear-facing) cameras take very good photos, and both include dual-LED flash for better shots in the dark.

But beyond the device’s versatile image-taking abilities, it’s also a great mid-range phone, with specs that would have been considered top-of-the line just six months ago. 

The nicest plastic phone I’ve ever held

The Desire Eye makes me wish HTC designed every

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