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HTC Desire EYE to be on Taiwanese shelves soon

The HTC Desire EYE. (Photo/ Chen Ta-jen)

HTC’s new selfie-centric smartphone has been certified by Taiwan’s communications regulator, the National Communications Commission (NCC), for sale in the country, a step that the company hopes will help it sustain its local sales momentum.

The approval notice, published Tuesday on the NCC’s website, means that the 5.2-inch HTC Desire EYE could be available in local stores in the coming weeks after making its global debut in New York on Oct. 9.

The Desire EYE is a waterproof smartphone with 13-megapixel front and rear cameras that is capable of capturing detailed images even in low-light conditions.

The 4G handset was unveiled along with the HTC EYE Experience–enhanced imaging software that can combine simultaneous photos and videos taken on the front and back cameras into one split-screen image or video.

Dealers said the approval of the Desire EYE, along with an earlier approval of the HTC Desire 820

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