After getting spanked in China in 2011, HTC hopes to rekindle the ‘Desire’

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After getting spanked in China in 2011, HTC hopes to rekindle the ‘Desire’

Apr 16, 2012

The HTC Desire was a terrible phone with a low-quality screen tinged with pinkish hues, and an internal storage that could swallow up only a pathetic amount of apps before telling you it was full. Despite all that, it was a best-seller globally, and a gateway for millions to the app-tastic fun of owning an Android device. And now HTC really needs to return to its glory days–after losing a lot in sales to the Samsung Galaxy S II in China in 2011–with a trio of midrange reworkings of the new HTC One devices that are made especially for China, and which evoke the simple prettiness of the HTC Desire.

The three models are the HTC VT T328t–catchy name, that–for China Mobile, supporting its TD-SCDMA 3G network; the VC T328d for China Telecom with CDMA; and the V T328w (pictured above) for China Unicom which packs the more conventional WCDMA band. All these come with a 4-inch screen that’s not exactly high-end (800 by 480 pixels), a 1GHz processor allied to 512MB of RAM, and the Taiwanese firm’s newest Sense 4 UI atop the very latest Android 4.0. The Unicom version will be 1999 RMB (US$317) unlocked, which sounds about right; but the prices for the others are not clear.

Hopefully HTC has upped the quality of its parts this time around. But perhaps not. In Engadget’s recent test of the new HTC One V, it noticed “some worrying yellow discoloration” on two separate phones. Why does HTC seem to screw its customers with awful screens on lower-end phones, to the point that they actually appear to be faulty? So buyer beware. But most tech blogs are reporting superb screens on the much pricier One S and One X.

With Android growing at such a rate in China, HTC can’t mess up again in 2012, and it needs a successful year with an iconic phone–just like it had with the Desire in 2010.

[Source: Engadget Mobile]

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