How to Unlock HTC

  • How to unlock HTC wildfire

    how to unlock HTC wildfire 300x217 How to unlock HTC wildfireMost HTC phones come with their SIM cards locked with a unique code by the manufacturer. These phones have to be unlocked in order to allow them to connect and communicate with the telecom service provider of your choice. You need to find a reliable service provider online in order to unlock HTC wildfire handset.

    At times, it may not be simple to unlock an HTC phone, free of cost. Therefore, you may have to pay a sum of around $20 in order to unlock your device.

    The service provider will ask for some information like the IMEI number of your HTC wildfire mobile phone. Once they receive your IMEI number along with the payment, they will send you a code to unlock HTC wildfire phone. After turning on the phone, enter this code to unlock the device, which may or may not have a SIM card installed beforehand.

    If you have got the unlock code for your HTC wildfire, you can unlock HTC wildfire through three simple steps which are as follows-

    How to Unlock HTC Wildfire

    • Switch on your HTC wildfire device that may have a valid SIM card or may not have any SIM card

    • Type the 8 digit code that you received from the service provider for unlocking

    • The HTC wildfire will now unlock and may reboot on its own

    A word of caution for HTC wildfire users

    The above instructions work only for GSM or SIM enables HTC wildfire phones. There are some HTC mobile phones, which do not need to be unlocked. However, they usually cost more than locked. ones. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase an HTC wildfire from the authorized dealer and then purchase an unlock code from a respectable service provider to unlock HTC Wildfire phone.


    The above article informs the users of the HTC wildfire model on how to unlock their already locked mobile phone. This may or may not work for all users, as some phones are not GSM phones and may not require an unlock code.

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  • How to Unlock HTC Thunderbolt

    How to unlock HTC Thunderbolt 300x250 How to Unlock HTC ThunderboltThere are many mobile service providers in our market. It is very difficult to experience the services of each of them amidst hoards of services and freebies on offer. Therefore, what does one do in case he is not satisfied with the services of one particular company? The only option is to switch your carrier. However, the problem is most HTC phones come with a lock, which does not allow you change carriers. The problem is itself the solution.

    Most telecom operators lock HTC phones so that the phones usage remains exclusive to the provider. This means that you will have to unlock HTC Thunderbolt in order to use a different provider. Nevertheless, the question is how to unlock HTC Thunderbolt?

    For that, you need to purchase the unlock code form the current provider or an online supplier. After switching on the phone, you will have to insert this code in the HTC device to unlock it for future use.

    Why you need to unlock HTC vivid

    The operations of cell phones that do not come with a lock are different from those that do have a SIM lock. It varies from one model to another. Similarly, one may need to unlock HTC vivid in order to switch from one service provider to another. Once, they are freed they can connect to any other service operator of choice.

    How to unlock HTC thunderbolt

    A serial number or the IMEI number is required to unlock HTC thunderbolt or to unlock HTC vivid from its previous service provider. The only good news here is that you do not need any special type of software, hardware or cables. Moreover, certain online companies also sell these unlock code for a nominal fee to make the life of HTC customers a bit easier. This will unlock the device permanently for any type of usage in the future.


    The above-mentioned feature highlights the main points that maybe required for the sole purpose of unlocking an HTC Thunderbolt or the HTC vivid to make it free for use with any service provider of your region.

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  • How to Unlock HTC Sensation

    How to Unlock HTC Sensation 300x250 How to Unlock HTC SensationAfter you buy an HTC Radar mobile unlock code, you may be able to unlock the SIM and use it with any network carrier of your preference. You do not need any software or cables to unlock your HTC radar phone remotely through its IMEI number. Once you are able to unlock it, you can use it with any telecom service provider in the region.


    How to unlock HTC Radar

    One must be aware that the IMEI number is a 15 to 17–digit code that is unique to every mobile phone of any brand. It can be found out by typing *#06# on the HTC radar mobile phone. Only 15 digits are important.

    Before you purchase a code, please be sure that your phone’s SIM is locked. To check that, simply switch on the device after inserting a SIM from one of your preferred carriers. The phone will ask for an unlock code of eight digits. This means that your phone will require unlocking.

    How to unlock HTC Sensation

    In order to use your HTC Sensation phone with a telecom provider of your region, you will need to unlock its SIM card. For unlocking an HTC phone, you will need to know its IMEI number. There are some methods to determine the IMEI number of your device-

    • A sticker found under the battery usually carries this number

    • Dial *#06# on the phone to get the IMEI number, which is a number comprising of 15 to 17 digits.

    • After obtaining the IMEI number of your phone, contact the telecom provider or carrier for an unlock code.

    In some cases, the service provider may not give you an unlock code. In that case, you need to buy such an unlock code from an online seller.


    The above article helps users of both the HTC wildfire and HTC sensation mobile phones to unlock their SIM locked phones. After unlocking the phone, the users can use it with any service provider of choice.

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  • How to Unlock HTC Hero

    How to unlock htc hero 212x300 How to Unlock HTC HeroFirst time HTC phone buyers must note that some models come with their SIM’s locked. You will need to unlock this device to use it with your preferred telecom partner.
    How to unlock HTC Hero
    After purchasing an HTC Hero phone, please check if you need to unlock its SIM to use it with other service provider. Simply, turn on the device after installing a SIM card from another operator in it. Request this unlock code from the operator. After receiving it, type it into the device to unlock the SIM. This will unlock HTC Hero permanently!
    How to unlock HTC HD7
    Look up the code to find the IMEI number of your HTC HD7 mobile. You need to send this number to a genuine code seller or your service provider in order to get a code for this device.
    Please follow the instructions in the same order in which they figure below.
    Switch on HTC HD7 handset with a valid SIM card
    Type the PIN of the SIM card when it asks
    Now, enter unlock code that you received or purchased online
    The phone is now free to connect to any telecom operator of your preference.
    How to unlock HTC Magic
    Many techniques can help you unlock HTC Magic cell phone. The cheapest and easiest method is to get a code, feed it into the device and unlock it. You do not require any cable or software for this method. Sometimes, you may have to purchase this code online. Please note that entering the wrong code might cause your phone to hang or hard lock. So, please be sure that you purchase a genuine unlock code for your HTC Magic Smartphone. This code will unlock HTC Magic permanently and enable to use the SIM of your choice.

    The above article informs HTC phone users about the fact that some of the models need unlocking of the device for to work properly with the service provider of choice. It discusses the unlocking technique for models like HTC HD7, Magic and Hero here.

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  • HTC Rezound vs. Thunderbolt video comparison

    Htcpedia news:

    ccb92 th 75880f1a5f601fb5c1c8b6357793 182x136 HTC Rezound vs. Thunderbolt video comparison

    HTC Rezound vs. Thunderbolt video comparison

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